Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials for a Frightening Look

Find Scarily Effective Halloween Makeup Tutorials Here

Halloween is fast approaching, and now is the time to plan your costume! From attending costume parties or trick-or-treating, makeup can take any Halloween look to new levels; here, we look at the top Halloween makeup tutorials to help create truly terrifying looks.

Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie costumes have become increasingly popular for Halloween costumes over time, making for an authentic zombie effect this Halloween. To achieve it, begin by applying pale foundation all over your face before using dark eyeshadow and eyeliner to define hollow eyes, sunken cheekbones and hollow corners before applying fake blood liberally in order to mimic fresh wounds or decayed flesh and ending the look off with messy hair and torn clothing for a trulyWoman in White Floral Lace Wedding Dress Holding A Black Dslr Camera frightening zombie apocalypse effect!

Creepy Clown: Clowns can be both entertaining and terrifying at the same time, making them perfect characters to transform into. To become one, apply white base makeup and emphasize features using black eyeliner; create an unsettling smile using red lipstick that extends beyond natural lip line, paint exaggerated eyebrows with color filler pencil, add accents of face paints to complete this terrifying clown look, as well as the usual red nose and wild, colorful locks to complete this scary clown appearance!

Vampire Seductress: Vampires have long been an iconic Halloween look. Begin your transformation by applying pale foundation for a ghostly complexion; use dark eyeshadows to create an eye smoky eye look, with dramatic winged eyeliner. Enhance cheekbones using contouring powder for more of an ethereal effect; finish the transformation off with deep red lipstick, fangs and fake blood dripping from corners of mouth!

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead): Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday is marked by vibrant colors and intricate makeup designs that embody its spirit. Start off by applying white foundation all over your face before using black eyeliner or face paint to draw intricate sugar skull patterns onto it – emphasizing eyes and mouth areas in particular – using eyeliner or paint. Add floral accents in hair for the final touches before wearing traditional attire to mark this celebration of Dia de Los Muertos!

Witchy Glam: Transform into an elegant witch with this makeup tutorial! First, begin by building up an even base using foundation and concealer; next use dark eyeshadows to achieve the smoky eye look, add winged eyeliner for dramatisation of this look, add false lashes for added emphasis while contouring to give a more defined facial structure before topping off with dark colored lipstick for that finishing touch. You may complete your witchy appearance by donning a pointy hat and carrying around a broomstick!

Be creative this Halloween by practicing different makeup techniques and playing around with new looks until you create an unforgettably terrifying appearance! Explore different methods, experiment before the big night arrives and, most of all, enjoy yourself! With some creativity and makeup skills under your belt, your costume is guaranteed to surprise and terrify all.





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