Christmas Around the World: Unique Traditions and Customs

Christmas is an international festival that brings great happiness to millions around the globe. Many are familiar with its traditional customs – decorating trees or exchanging presents – yet there are numerous fascinating traditions unique to each country that surround Christmas festivities. In this article we explore some fascinating Christmas customs around the globe.

Christmas celebrations begin early for Mexicans starting December 16th with Las Posadas reenactment of Mary and Joseph searching for shelter in Bethlehem. People gather each evening singing carols while carrying candles while children dress as angels or shepherds for this procession; afterward everyone enjoys traditional Mexican foods like tamales or warm fruit punch called Ponche!

Italy: Christmastime in Italy is marked with religiouSide view of smiling African American female with Xmas sock in shop with decorative baubles and giftss festivities and delectable cuisine. One beloved Italian tradition is Vigilia di Natale – or The Feast of Seven Fishes – where families come together for an elaborate seafood banquet consisting solely of fish dishes and seafood items. On Christmas Day itself, children eagerly anticipate La Befana filling their stockings with treats from Santa.

Germany is famed for its festive Christmas markets known as Weihnachtsmarkte. These markets feature exquisite decorations and provide visitors with handmade crafts, delectable treats, and festive beverages such as mulled wine. Another tradition found throughout Germany includes lighting an Advent wreath on each Sunday leading up to Christmas day.

Sweden: Saint Lucia’s Day on December 13th marks the kick off to Sweden’s Christmas festivities, where young girls take turns being Lucia wearing her crown of candles while leading procession of girls dressed in white dresses. Saffron buns and gingerbread cookies can be enjoyed during this festive time!

Christmas in Australia traditionally occurs during its summer season and most Australians celebrate by hosting barbecues or picnics at the beach, erecting decorated palm trees, dressing Santa up as board shorts wearing sunglasses with board shorts as Santa, decorating their palm trees for Christmas with lights or ornaments, wearing board shorts with sunglasses on as Santa, decorating palm trees or dressing Santa as board shorts wearing sunglasses; decorated palm trees may even feature Santa wearing board shorts instead of suits! Instead of snow, Australia sings about “Jingle Bells”, featuring kangarooes!

Japan: Christmas in Japan has grown increasingly popular over time. Although not traditionally associated with religious festivities, Christmas provides couples a great excuse to spend quality time together and exchange presents before sharing in a festive feast of strawberries and cream decorated cake!

Conclusion: Christmas is truly magical time of the year, bringing customs and traditions from various countries that make each celebration uniquely individualistic. From colorful processions in Mexico to festive markets in Germany, these diverse customs deepen our appreciation of this beloved holiday worldwide. Whether enjoying it snowbound in Europe or sunny on Australia beaches – joy remains at the core of this beloved celebration!





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