Famous Halloween Festivals and Events Across the USA

Famous Halloween Festivals Across the US

Halloween in America is one of the most anticipated festivals, known for its festive atmosphere, unique costumes and exciting events – everything from haunted houses and pumpkin festivals to haunted house tours – giving American citizens plenty of thrilling experiences this festive season. Here we explore some of the top Halloween festivals across the United States!

Salem Halloween Happenings in Massachusetts – Salem

Salem, famously associated with witch trials during the late 17th century, truly embraces Halloween like no other city. From October 2-11th Salem hosts events collectively known as “Salem Halloween Happenings.” Visitors can participate in ghost tours, costume partiPhoto of Statue of Libertyes and witness Grand Parade; explore spooky attractions such as Witch Dungeon Museum or Salem Witch Museum for an unforgettable Halloween experience! With such rich history combined with Halloween spirit a visit to Salem is certain to provide visitors an unforgettable journey.

West Hollywood Halloween Festival – Los Angeles, California

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is one of the nation’s largest and most extravagant Halloween celebrations, drawing thousands to Los Angeles each year to experience this vibrant festival featuring extravagant costumes, live performances, music performances and food vendors. A highlight is always its costume contest where participants showcase their imagination for various prizes; making this an essential destination to visit for anyone seeking an energetic Halloween celebration!

Village Halloween Parade of New York –

New York City is well known for its grand parades, and Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is no exception. Each Halloween, on Halloween evening, Greenwich Village comes alive with this beloved event dating back to 1974 that brings artists, dancers, musicians, enthusiastic participants in elaborate costumes – making for an immersive Halloween experience unlike any other! Joining or simply watching provides an engaging Halloween experience unlike any other.

Sleepy Hollow Halloween Festival 2018 will take place this October in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Washington Irving made Sleepy Hollow famous with his classic tale “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” making this small town even more well-known during Halloween season. Sleepy Hollow Halloween celebration offers activities suitable for visitors of all ages – haunted hayrides, dramatic reenactments of Headless Horseman legend, historical site tours and lantern tours through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery offer visitors a delightful and terrifying journey back in time to one of America’s favorite ghost tales!

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans, Louisiana

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans has long been associated with Halloween celebrations, making its presence at Halloween weekend inextricable to this mystical holiday. Boasting live music performances, art installations, cultural exhibits, vibrant atmosphere of New Orleans as well as performances by world renowned musicians from multiple genres; its lively ambiance provides attendees with the ideal place to go this Halloween weekend for music enthusiasts!

Overall, Halloween in the US offers an exciting array of festivals and events designed to meet every interest and preference. Be it historical significance, extravagant parties, thrilling parades, scary tales or live music experiences you seek; Halloween events throughout America provide unforgettable moments and lasting memories to cherish throughout their journeys through.





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